Cisco Learning Network announced recently the introduction of a new enhancement to the expert-level certification (CCIE and CCDE) in which ,I believe, will is continuing on our next-generation evolution to enhance its CCIE and CCDE Expert-level certification program. This enhancement comes in the form of introducing “Agile” and “Modular” approach to the CCIE Curriculum. The goal here is to cope with the rapid movement of the current IT Transformation we witness nowadays.

The Agile blueprint comes in the form of applying a “Revision number” model to the development of the blueprints. Two revision modes will be introduced:

  1. Major Revision:  A Major Revision like 3.0 or 4.0 comes with a radical changes in the contents of the blueprint of the CCIE. This comes with a major technology topic change, a major Hardware/software change, or significant Topology change (as an example). It will be normally comprise 50% to 80% (roughly) changes from the previous blueprint version. This is normally a 3-5 years cycle.
  2. Minor Revision (dot.revision)model: With a minor Changes to the current blueprint that can be considered less than 20% of the major blueprint. The Definition of a minor change can be loose here I know, however I believe it will try to align with the current products offering and the latest best-practise implementations (or Design in CCDE). A Similar revision like Software version would be introduced such as 4.1, 4.2,..etc. This is normally an annual cycle.
Source: Cisco Learning Network

In the announcement Cisco Learning stated that there will be a 4 months lead time in the Agile blueprint minor changes and a 6 months notification for the major revision.

CLN will start with CCIE Service Provider 4.0 this year with the minor changes to be introduced on June 21 (2017). You can find the new ones here.

Click here to read CLN Announcement


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